naomi rather

“The gift she has for listening to people and helping them articulate what’s already happening on the inside was such a blessing to me. She made a tremendous difference in my life.“

I see therapy as a collaborative, goal-oriented process. My style is to be respectfully direct in a safe, supportive way that makes true transformation possible.

There are many forms of injury, from neglect to the dysfunctional family system to abuse. These early experiences shape our developing brains, and as a result, negative beliefs about ourselves can form. For example, we may know intellectually that we deserve to be happy, yet feel unworthy or unlovable. This can get in the way of having connected and satisfying relationships with others. EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is an effective tool to help people reprocess traumatic experiences more rapidly than traditional therapies. As a certified EMDR clinician, I am able to combine this wonderful technique with talk therapy to assist you in meeting your goals for treatment. For more information on this technique, see

It’s said that parenting is the most difficult job we’ll ever have, and for most people, that’s true. Knowing how to discipline in a way that produces accountable, happy and self-reliant children is not automatic. Most of us have only the tools we learned from our own parents, which may not be effective in today’s challenging world. In addition to raising my own two children, I have worked with adolescents and their families in a variety of settings. My experience and expertise will help you to help your children.

Through my work as a Seacoast Hospice support group leader, I have witnessed the sacred work of grieving, where people who have suffered tremendous losses reach out to help others in similar situations. This connection with others who understand can move us towards healing. But sometimes the grieving process gets stuck, and help is needed to move through the obstacles that block its flow. My experience in this area can help you move forward, to the creation of a new normal.

I am certified in EFT, Emotionally Focused Therapy which is a ground-breaking approach to helping people move from relationship distress to a place of closeness and connection. I have spent more than two decades working with couples and believe that it is possible to work through extremely painful issues and come to a place of healing and happiness. Whether you are interested in working on your marriage or coming to a place of recovery after divorce, I have the expertise to help you. To learn more about EFT visit

Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor:
New Hampshire #397
2017 Ph.D. Tilburg University
Masters of Counseling Education:
University of Dayton
BA Biology, University of Colorado
Adjunct Faculty UNH, Department of Social Work

NH Psychological Association
NH Mental Health Counselors Association
EMDR International Association
New England EFT
International Center for Excellence in EFT