“Naomi’s warm, thoughtful, and encouraging style has allowed me to continue my EFT journey with confidence. She engenders trust in myself and in the model. With each supervision she is masterful with increasing my awareness of self and skills as a therapist. She renews my hope and helps me be patient in this tender process of growth. I am so grateful for her!“

EFT is a model that most of us find challenging to gain proficiency in—yet it is so beautiful and life-affirming for both therapists and couples that I see it as an investment truly worthy of the time it takes to learn to do it well.

As an ICEEFT Certified Supervisor, I can help you learn EFT- through case consultation or as part of your journey towards proficiency or certification. I tailor my approach to your learning style and EFT goals, and through a combination of warm support, skill building, practice and feedback we become a team to help you reach them.

Sliding scale available. To learn more about EFT Supervision with me, email me at